Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 76 Finding God in Ordinary Life

Samantha Freestone has challenged herself to discover the ways God speaks to her. It’s all about finding God in ordinary life!

Strangely enough, Samantha finds solace in graffiti, her daughter’s love for a pet turtle, and the dying embers of a bonfire.

But why are these ideas so meaningful?

Because these are all evidence of finding God in ordinary life.

After feeling as though she couldn’t see, hear, or even know what God was saying to her, Samantha decided to intentionally look for his input in her life, every day. What she found astounded her.

The question is, “How might God be speaking to you in your ordinary, everyday today?”

GUEST: Samantha Freestone – read some of Sam’s insights on Facebook
HOST: Jenny Baxter

Accepting the Challenge

I (Jenny Baxter) decided to look for God in the ordinary!

As I walked on the beach yesterday I asked God to show me something in my day. Just like he did with Samantha. It was a lovely sunny morning, with only one wide bank of cloud, settled just above the sun. As the sun moved higher it went behind the cloud, and all was in shadow. But after a while, the sun came out again.

God showed me that some days are like that. Things are going well, and all is bright and sunny. But something happens, and it feels though I am in the shade. I can feel like God is not with me in the same way.

But it is not God who is at fault. And not me either! Something else has got in the way. It’s those darned clouds! But just wait, because eventually the clouds will pass. And the sun will come out again.

Did you get that? If things are difficult for you right now, just wait. God promises it will be alright. Things will become rosy again.

What about you? Have you ever found God in the ordinary? The comments box, below, is a good place to share!

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Finding God in Ordinary Life