Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 63 Encouragement for Introvert Mothers

When she first had a baby, Podcaster and Blogger Ruth Amos, discovered she just didn’t know herself. It took years to work it out. To her surprise, she finally realized that it was all because she’s an introvert!

Ruth Amos, Introvert
Ruth Amos writes: A Quiet Life

How could she have got it so wrong? she wondered. Becoming a mother is always a shock. Somehow, things are always a little different to what you expected.

In this podcast, Ruth Amos explains what threw her about motherhood. And how it all changed. Because one day, everything made sense as she understood herself as an introvert mother.

So now, she suggests to every mother that it’s really important to know yourself. Because an introvert mother will have one set of expectations, and for an extrovert mother, life will be completely different. So which type are you?

GUEST: Ruth Amos
HOST: Jenny Baxter

Show Notes

Encouragement for Introvert Mothers

For some people, Motherhood isn’t just a little different to expectations, it’s a LOT different.

You leave your job. And then you need to consider questions of identity. Which brings you to thinking about your small place in a large generational context. So it’s true, Motherhood challenges you to the core of your being.

  • During the interview, Ruth and Jenny refer to several personality traits including introverts and extroverts. You can read more about personality types HERE >>>
  • The Lysa TerKeurst book that Ruth referred to: The Best Yes.
  • Have a listen to Jenny’s interview with Lysa TerKeurst HERE >>>
  • Ruth also mentioned her collection of Saying No blogs. You can find them HERE >>>
  • As well, you can find Ruth’s blog about the segments and the mind map HERE >>>

First broadcast on Hobart’s ultra106five, this interview was brought to you with the assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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Encouragement for Introvert Mothers