Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 92 A difficult journey to motherhood

Pregnancy and birth are miracles at the best of times, but for Dana Stephens, the journey has been a particularly miraculous one. She shares the story of her difficult journey to motherhood and beyond with Jenny Baxter in the hope of encouraging others for whom things don’t go as planned.

Dana Stephens; a difficult journey to motherhood
Dana Stephens

Having been told they’d never have children, Dana and her husband now have two. Their first son was an IVF baby. After two failed IVF attempts, Dana managed to get pregnant again–then miscarried. Miraculously, only six weeks after this, she fell pregnant again with her daughter. Her doctors called it a medical anomaly. Dana and her husband called it a miracle. 

GUEST: Dana Stephens
HOST: Jenny Baxter

Dana was also interviewed for the Treasuring Mothers podcast as she spoke about how her mama’s heart broke for

Show Notes – a difficult journey to motherhood

  • Dana’s faith journey has been hard. She struggled with watching everyone else falling pregnant. She felt angry at God. Many times she prayed for others to conceive, but didn’t have any faith that she herself could be pregnant. She simply couldn’t believe that God would bless them that way.
  • After falling pregnant Dana struggled with depression really badly, both pre and post-partum. She was unable to improve her mood, and found herself crying all the time. After a test for depression she was referred her on to a psychologist. Dana says she felt like a failure, especially after wanting her babies so desperately.
  • Both pregnancies were fine until the last 10 weeks. Her son was a breach posterior, leading to an emergency caesarean. Dana desperately wanted a normal birth for her daughter, but the baby was in an awkward position with the umbilical cord blocking the cervix.
  • Doctors carefully monitored both Dana and the baby. Dana was blessed to have a Christian midwife to pray with her after the heartbreaking news about a second caesarean. She also had a girlfriend who was a theatre nurse who was also able to help support her. That girlfriend later told her how close she was to not only losing her daughter’s life, but her own.
  • Dana felt numb. She didn’t have any faith for herself at that time, but was so buoyed up and supported by people around her who did.

Dana’s Takeaways

  • It’s okay to not feel okay if you’re going through tough times. Make sure you have people around you who can pray for you, have faith, support you.
  • We tend to do life so much on our own, but motherhood is hard, and we can’t rely on our own strength. Knowing that God–and other people–are with you is so important, even when you can’t see that or feel like it. Supporting one another on the journey makes a huge difference.

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A difficult journey to motherhood