Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 13 Get Your Daily Dose of Sunshine (Vit D)

Get Your Daily Dose of Sunshine – Vitamin D

Fiona Rowell; Daily Dose of Sunshine; Vit D
Fiona Rowell is the Treasuring Mothers dietician, who can be heard on the podcast every four weeks.

Treasuring Mothers’ dietician, Fiona Rowell, tells why you should work on getting your daily dose of Vitamin D, the “Sunshine Vitamin”. It’s great for both you and your family.

During this interview, Fiona reveals the delicate dance between the Cancer Council and the Dieticians Association of Australia about exposure to the sun.

This is because Australia has one of the highest incidences in the world of skin cancer. So we can’t afford to be in it too much. On the other hand, we also border on having way too little Vitamin D. And that creates lots of disadvantages, Fiona explains.

GUEST: Fiona Rowell
HOST: Jenny Baxter

Show Notes

Fiona encourages you to get your daily dose of sunshine:

  • It’s important for our bodies get enough Vitamin D to make healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Read more HERE about other effects of lack of Vit D.
  • In cool climates, such as Tasmania in the winter time, it’s difficult to get your daily dose of sunshine. Each person needs a minimum of 47 minutes/day.
  • New Mothers need to be aware of this with their infants, during winter especially.
  • Sadly, it does not get transmitted through glass. So you need to be outside to get a dose.
  • A lack of Vitamin D results in rickets. Rickets happens when a child does not have enough Vit D to help them absorb calcium. This means their bones do not develop properly and they can become bow-legged,
  • Darker skin doesn’t absorb Vitamin D from the sunshine as well as fairer skin does.
  • It’s good to try and eat foods which contain Vitamin D. Margarine is one, which often has it as an additive. Plus, there are other foods you can eat to increase your Vitamin D intake. And you can always take a Vit D supplement.
  • To get enough Vitamin D from sunshine, you need to make a conscious choice to go outside into the sun during the day. This is especially true when the sun rises late, and sets early. But of course, you don’t ever want so much sun that you get sun-burnt.

So get your daily dose of sunshine (Vit D). It’s free! And you will feel so much better for it.

This podcast was first heard on Hobart’s ultra106five. It was made possible with the generous assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.