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Ep 69 Dads Are Soooo Important!

Treasuring Mothers social worker Michelle Fletcher has done some thorough research, and her sources are quoted below. She has some interesting perspectives on why a father is so important in the life of your child.

Dads are important, Michelle Fletcher
Michelle Fletcher is interviewed regularly for the Treasuring Mothers podcast. She is a social worker, who talks about Family Matters.

I think sometimes we expect a child can be as secure and loved with the input of only a mother, or only a father. In some ways, as long as it is a loving family unit, we wonder, does it make any difference?

It helps us feel better about the rising number of single-parent families. Or even, the families with two dads, or two mothers. Also, with domestic abuse situations, it’s a far better outcome for children to have the “only” scenario.

But today, let’s take a step back from the more emotive exceptions. And look at fatherhood from a more objective viewpoint. Because after all, we have to be honest: Mothers and Fathers do bring different skills and abilities into a family. Even if it’s simply about Fathers modelling to their sons how to be a decent man. And Mothers, modelling to their daughters how to be a good woman.

GUEST: Nicki Jeffery
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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Show Notes – Dads are So Important

Michelle’s Research Sources:

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Dads are So Important