Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 42 Strength and Courage in Widowhood

Strength, Courage and Widowhood, with Melissa Lubke

Strength, Courage and Widowhood, Melisssa Lubke
Melissa Lubke was expecting her third baby when tragedy struck

Sometimes the unthinkable happens. And then you have to think about it. Melissa and Andrew were happily expecting their third child, when it all went pear-shaped.

Melissa Lubke bravely tells Jenny how it happened, and what she did when she suddenly lost her husband.

What do you do when all your dreams for the future come tumbling down one sunny summer’s day?

This story is all about strength, courage and widowhood. In other words, survival, when you know you must keep on going for the sake of your young family.

In fact, Melissa discovers there is life after death.

GUEST: Melissa Lubke >>> Melissa’s website tells her story, and how she uses art to help heal her grief.

HOST: Jenny Baxter >>>

Strength and Courage in Widowhood is brought to you with the assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation. It was first broadcast on Hobart’s ultra106five radio.

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