Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 37 Your Conversations with Granny
Conversations with granny, Michelle Fletcher
Michelle Fletcher is interviewed regularly for the Treasuring Mothers podcast. She is a social worker, who talks about Family Matters.

Alone and Isolated? Perhaps not! What about your conversations with Granny?

It’s easy to think you’re on your own when traveling the motherhood journey. But really, it’s likely there are a myriad of resources at your fingertips!

Surprisingly, the answers you need are often at your own back door, as Michelle Fletcher explains. Your conversations with your Granny, and other mothers in your family, will make all the difference.

Let’s not throw out the hard-won wisdom of older generations, because they learnt the hard way too!

GUEST: Michelle Fletcher
HOST: Jenny Baxter

The Treasuring Mothers podcast is made possible with the generous assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

From the Bible:

… remember your father’s command, and don’t forget your mother’s teaching

Proverbs 6:30 ERV

Show Notes – Your Conversations with Granny

During the podcast, Michelle talks about a parenting program called The Circle of Security.

Resource for You – with love from Michelle xx

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Your Conversations with Granny