Xenia Schembri, Brave Little Bear, Childsafe
Originally from England, Xenia Schembri lives on Australia’s Gold Coast. She is the founder of At The Ark, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children from sexual abuse, or helping them recover.

Brave Little Bear – Talking to Children to Keep them Safe


In today’s podcast, Xenia Schembri explains why she is passionate about preparing children for the terrible day when they are inappropriately approached by an adult. Most parents just hope and pray this will never happen.Childsafe with Xenia Schembri, Brave Little Bear

However, Xenia learnt the hard way that it pays to be pro-active. She has now written a series of books for parents to read to their children entitled Brave Little Bear. So this podcast explains how you can be childsafe with Xenia Schembri.

GUEST: Xenia Schembri
Jenny Baxter

This is Part One of a 3-part series.
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During the interview the #MeToo movement is mentioned
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Be childsafe with Xenia Schembri. 🙂