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Catherine Sylvester is a well-known television presenter and radio announcer in New Zealand

Managing Motherhood Life When Unwell, Part One

Today’s podcast is with Australian-New Zealander Catherine Sylvester, speaking about a very difficult time in her life when she was so unwell she couldn’t function as a mother like she wanted to. It was like she couldn’t see the woods for the trees. Catherine shares some of her story, describing the lessons she learnt about managing motherhood life when unwell.

While it’s not a pretty story, good things did happen. Catherine learnt to be patient, and she also chose to be kind to herself when things felt pretty grim.  She says, “It’s very difficult not to feel as though I missed two years of my girls’ lives.”

GUEST: Catherine Sylvester (Website), Catherine Sylvester (On Insta)
HOST: Jenny Baxter

Listen to Catherine Sylvester share her earlier story about the struggle she had to even become a mother. Repeated miscarriage is the pits! >>>

If you are suffering from physical or mental health, go and and get some help. Putting it off only causes you and your family more stress.

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Managing Motherhood Life When Unwell