Catherine Sylvester, When you are sick and you are a mother
Catherine Sylvester is a well-known television presenter and radio announcer in New Zealand

Getting out of the woods when you are sick, and you’re a mother!

In Part 3 of this podcast, Catherine Sylvester continues chatting with Jenny Baxter about the events that shaped the early years of her girls’ lives.

They also discuss the impact of losing her mother during a time when Catherine was herself very unwell.

What do you do when you are sick and you are a mother? Catherine has some experience – and some answers.

Catherine and Jenny also talk about the concept of a “Mother’s Report Card”.

GUEST: Catherine Sylvester
HOST: Jenny Baxter

Catherine’s realizations about death

  • She feels so sad that her daughters do not have a Nanna.
  • “Everyone needs someone in their lives who the sun rises and sets for them.”
  • I really miss her. She is the only one who listened to the detail of my life.
  • Grief doesn’t go away – it pops up at odd times.
  • You’ve got to roll with it when grief comes.
  • We in the Western world don’t do grief very well.
  • It will be OK, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day it will get better.

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When you are sick and you are a mother