Catherine Sylvester, Caring for Children when you are unwell

Caring for Children when You are Unwell, Part 2

Catherine continues her discussion with Jenny Baxter about how she struggled with physical and mental illness when her girls were little.

During those two years she learnt a lot about caring for children when you are unwell, and she is keen to pass her knowledge on to other mothers.

GUEST: Catherine Sylvester (Website), Catherine Sylvester (On Insta)
HOST: Jenny Baxter

What Catherine Did:

  • With the help of her doctor, she re-assessed her meds
  • Took time to work on her physical health – a “clean green” diet. Really great nutrition made so much difference.
  • Moved to a new location.
  • Regularly wrote down her issues, so she could be clear about what was happening. This helped her make some plans about what to do.
  • Chose to have space from her children. And not feel guilty about it.
  • Gave herself permission to be different to others around her.
  • There is always something you can do to change it up

If you are suffering from physical or mental health, go and and get some help. Putting it off only causes you and your family more stress.

If you are suffering depression you will find help here:

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Caring for Children when you are Unwell