Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 101 Big Picture Parenting with Harriet Connor

We all know that being a parent in the modern world is tough. Between fear about not raising our children correctly, guilt over our mistakes, and trying to do everything, often we’re tearing our hair out. Harriet Connor knows these feelings well.

Harriet Connor Big picture parenting
Harriet Connor is the author of “Big Picture Parents”

When the internet felt like an ocean of conflicting information and shifting sands, Harriet went to the Bible for its timeless wisdom. This forced her to step back and reassess what she really wanted, and ask bigger questions. It’s easy to get caught up in “have they eaten enough vegetables?” and “when is too much TV time?”.

Rather, the questions should be, “what kind of adults do we want our kids to grow into, where are they at now, and how do we help them reach maturity?” What she read in the Bible helped her to gain confidence and clarity in what she was doing, and go back to the daily routine with “big picture parenting” in mind. 

Harriet wrote a book, “Big Picture Parents” to help other parents on the same journey. In this podcast she shares the top four lessons she discovered.

GUEST: Harriet Connor
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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Show Notes – Big Picture Parenting

  • Know your purpose. Harriet hopes people read the book and understand their big purpose as human beings, and therefore as parents. We’re told by the world that our big purpose is happiness–but the Bible says our big purpose is to honour and love our creator, and to love other people. And, wonderfully, the end result of this is happiness!
  • Accept your limitations. We’re all human, we’re doing the best we can, and we’re going to make mistakes. We’re not perfect, nor are we perfectly in control. By becoming children of God, our perfect father, He strengthens us and gives us wisdom, and exactly what we need as parents. 
  • Establishing your values. This is something talked about on the podcast before. As parents we need to identify our values, and ensure you’re raising your children to share those. 
  • Be part of a wider community. In modern society we tend to isolate ourselves. Be open to being part of a bigger family–a church family, a neighbourhood community, our extended families. Our children need other people, other supports and mentors to help them grow up healthily.
  • Understanding the big picture of parenting, that it’s a “marathon, not a sprint”, can really help give you a better perspective on the day-to-day decisions you make, and help you stay focused on the years, not just on the hours.
  • Harriet’s book, “Big Picture Parents”, is available from Koorong, Amazon, and Morning Star Publications.