Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Three Steps to Quality Time with your Children

Make the most of your moments with children with quality time.

Treasuring Time with your children. Getting organised

It’s important to make sure you are treasuring time with them. Because, as the Polish proverb says, children are only young once.

It takes a unique blend of intent, time-management, and another very special ingredient. (Have a listen to find out what it is.)

These three steps to making sure you have quality time are an important part of being a mother, because while it feels like an incredibly slow day-by-day existence, those years do go by so-so fast!

Jenny Spoke about 3 steps to Treasuring Time during the Breakkie Show on Hobart’s ultra106five. Scottie Haas on Hobart’s ultra106five
GUEST: Jenny Baxter

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3 Steps to Quality Time, Breakkie show radio interview