Beyond excited!

Recently, I have begun a series of interviews with Diane Campbell of Rhema New Zealand. Woohoo!

Andrew and Dinae, Rhema NZ
Andrew and Diane

I am looking forward to more opportunities to offer hope and encouragement New Zealand women, (especially mothers) on the Days Show with Diane.

Sometimes Diane’s co-host, Andrew Urquhart, will join the conversation as well.

Latest Interviews on Rhema Radio NZ

Happy Listening!

Facing Loss

We all face loss at some time in our lives. My journey was particularly difficult, because I lost my mother when I was just 16.

However, as a result I have had a lifetime to understand loss, grief, and the impact they can have. Especially on women and children.

Championing Women

This interview explains why I do what I do. PLUS where Treasuring Mothers is heading next.

It’s actually bit of a reveal … I’ve not made these next steps public until now.

Rhema New Zealand is just one of many radio interviews about Treasuring Mothers

You can also listen to my Treasuring Mothers Breakkie Show radio interviews on ultra106five Hobart by clicking

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