August 2018 Update

MOTHERHOOD: Learning about strengths | Dealing with fears

August Update

The August update addresses how to manage your STRENGTHS, and your FEARS. These are part of every mother’s journey. That’s the amazing thing about being connected to the Treasuring Mothers network, because you get opportunities to work on both.

Learn your Strengths:

Woman of InfluenceBeing a Woman of Influence   8 Undeniable Reasons. A lot of women don’t think they are leaders. But actually, nothing could be further from the truth!


Your birth songTapping into your Identity  Three Questions, with Three Answers: Who are you? Why are you here? Where do you come from?


wise as a serpent as as gentle as a doveBeing as Wise as a Serpent  20 Ways to Rock at Being a Mother [18] It takes wisdom and gentleness to be a mother. PLUS one more extra ingredient!


Explore your Fears:

where is my parenting manualA Mother’s Plea for Help  Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual. Or does it? How do you find out what to do? The answer is more obvious than you think.


The Motherhood Dilemma of Keeping Up AppearancesManage a Parenting Fail  Sometimes, you have to admit where you got it all wrong, instead of keeping up appearances. Shame is the Gremlin!


10 Reasons words matter10 Reasons your Words Matter  In a classic face-palm moment, my Dad let me have it! Which wasn’t fair on the one hand – and I learnt a lot on the other.

Treasuring Mothers Podcast Launch – coming soon!

The Treasuring Mothers Podcast is shaping up with some interesting guests. These mothers will talk about topics as varied as teaching your kids about the dangers of porn, to how to approach “Motherhood vs Employment guilt”. Oh yeah, don’t we know about that!

PLUS we have secured some great regular guests:

  • Health and Fitness with personal trainer Jody Sargison
  • Finance with finance expert Alison Greenwood
  • Food and Diet with dietician Fiona Rowell
  • Family Life with social worker Michelle Fletcher

The first Treasuring Mothers podcast will be available soon.
By all means, CONTACT US if you have some topics you are keen to be discussed.

You are a champion – mothers are the BEST!

Jenny Baxter
Treasuring Mothers

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August Update Bonus Material!

Live | Love | Learn

Treasure the Moment

Treasure the Moment20 Ways to Rock at Being a Mother [19] Days go by and it’s so easy to miss everyday connection.

Aaagh! Teens and Screens

Teens and Screens, Unexpected answersIs there a battle for control of screens at your place?
One mother had a surprising result as she laboured over what to do.

Why even talk about Motherhood?

Motherhood is so motherhoodBeing a mother is so normal … and because of that, some people don’t get why we need to talk!
But there are sooo many challenges.

Audio Inspiration

Click on the image to hear a radio interview from Hobart’s ultra106five >>>

Being a good friend
Being a friend to your adult children


Courage in difficult seasons
How to get through difficult seasons of life

That’s all for this August Update!

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